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Pinoy Gay Blog List

This is a small list of blogs run by Filipino gay bloggers.

This list is intended to help gay readers who are looking for blogs that they can relate to. Hopefully, it would also help show everyone else how diverse the gay community is and help expand their view of what being gay means.

If you are Filipino and gay and you would like to have your blog included in this list, just leave a comment with the following info:
  1. your blog URL 
  2. a short description of your blog (if you don't give one, I'll use the blog description in your header)

Take note that blogging about the gay lifestyle is NOT a requirement. It could be a food blog or photo blog or whatever, as long as you are gay and Filipino.

When you have been added to the list, please link to this page so that it could reach more readers. The more people who get to read about us, the better.

Ako Si Aris
by: Aris

Baduy Pride
always proud to be baduy!
by: Rocky and Tobie

Blame It On The Rain, Bro
thoughts, musings, rants and reflections on being gay, whether in or out.
by: Tobie

Blogging Positively
This is an advocacy blog which contains my personal journey in living with HIV, and news and updates regarding the disease. It also includes lists of hospitals and clinics where HIV testing is given free.
by: pinoypositive

Bohemian Diary
of sound waves and lightwaves.
by: Canonista

Cacoethes Scribendi
Because destination is that place where deep gladness meets the world’s deepest need.
by: Yas Jayson

Closet Roars
The Lion is The Bitch in The Wardrobe
by: Grey

Power Bottom, on hiatus
by: Seth

Desert Boy
Ang Estranghero sa Gitnang Silangan
by: Cute Desert Boy

Désolé Boy
by: Désolé Boy

Do Did Dann
Things I do, Things I did, Things I've Dann
by: Red Baron

Dreaming Inside The Closet
ang araw-araw na pakikipagsapalaran at pakikipaglandian sa mundo ng isang taong nilikha para magpasaya at makisalamuha sa mga tao sa mundo ng blogosperyo.
by: Jepoy Dee

Fabulous JV
A Fabulous Queen Who Wants To Wear McQueen
by: FabulousJV

Human, All Too Human
Memory is fleeting. And so we try to capture the past and the present. A face in a crowd, the light of the moon. Things one cannot hold on to.
by: Kane

I Am The Closet Geek
by: The Geek

I Fell in Love with a Cyber-Celebrity
My heart goes ballistic with your every word. Your stories linger in my mind and find their way to my heart. Although in this space, romance is often doomed to fail before it even starts, I admit, I fell. I'm addicted. I'm in love.
by: Darc Diarist

Juanderlast - n. mga Paglalakbay, sa buhay, sa karir, at sa kung saan pa, ng isang taong naghahanap lamang ng dahilan para manatili sa isang lugar.
by: Papa Jay

Kiss My Mike
A blog with a Gaysian flavor.
by: Mike

Kuwentong Malilibog
m2m site and everything in between

Lalaking Palaban
by: Lalaking Palaban

Lessons from Gay Bars in Manila
A gay guy's learnings from going to gay bars (male strip clubs, macho dancers and macho dancing clubs, hosto bars) in Manila
by: G.B. Goer

Living The Expectations
A Gay-Bisexual Random Journal
by: Mac Callister

Mandaya Moore
Ang bayot sa bukid.
by: Mandaya Moore

this is some kinda photoblog. the maarte, weird, emo, happy kind. LOL. enjoy my shots, quotes and stories po! :)
by: Nimmy

Online Gwapong Pinoy
This blog is just intended to post good looking guys that deserves admiration.

Piktiyur Op Da Dey
Ang mga litratong nakakalat
by: Cute Desert Boy

The life and adventures of a professional health care representative exploring the beautiful region of Bicol
by: PluripotentNurse

Sean's Dirty Laundry
Airing my laundry, dirty and otherwise. Drop your pants here anytime.
by: Sean

Soul Jacker
A curved journey around the planet.
by: Mu[g]en

Spiral's Eye
the peace within the storm
by: Spiral Prince

What if they're angels from above?
by: Rovi

Sunny Side Up
Others want it hard, others semi-hard. A few have it poached from them. The rest wants the freakin’ cacophony of an omelette. As for me, I want it sunny side up – life, that is
by: nOx

The Babbler
My life as I know it.
by: The Babbler

The Chemistry Guy
The Chemistry of Sero-Conversion - being HIV positive
by: The Chemistry Guy

The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything
Defining the world one keyword at a time.
by: rOckY

The Karug Gallery
The Philippines' first and only Gay Blog that exclusively features Hot Men with Sexy Happy Trail!
by: Olga Luxuria

The McVie Show, Season Eleven
Dying is easy, comedy is hard. I like it hard.
by: McVie

The New G!
New antics, panics and frantics. Still ironic. Still a gay guy.
by: Guyrony

Thymine Dimers
A mutation. Like me. A social anomaly.
by: Hi, Me!

Todo Sa Bongga
Lapain mo ang sarap ko.
by: Bb. Melanie

Tristan Tales
The Blogger lives in the US. He is Filipino and he writes about sex, being single and his quest to find love everlasting... assuming it exists.
by: Tristan Tan

Vanilla Pleasures
outbursts that delight the palate
by: LanchiE

this is what i intend to speak of. crashing in my mind, shouting for freedom but no matter how loud it seems to me .. they're only but whispers!
by: c - e - i - b - o - h


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