Saturday, March 24, 2012

Nishiboy Singing Breakeven

Here's a video of me singing Breakeven. This was taken a couple of years ago when I was still in my first job. We had a recreation room with a videoke machine, along with chess boards, foosball, xbox and other toys. Of course, it was the videoke machine that first broke down from overuse. Here, you can see that the song got cut after the first chorus. I tried it three times, but it was always the same. I think it was one of the first symptoms that the machine was already failing.

The girl you can hear in the background is Honey, my best friend after college.

* video removed. 


  1. panget ng pagkarecord pero i love that song. most requested song sau ng mga ecantos during karaoke session lol.

  2. wow!! go nishi!! galing parekoy!!! ikaw na!! ikaw na talaga ang tatanghalin niyan!!! definitely u break it all!!!

  3. pwede.. ikaw na!! panalo ang high notes mo, jap!! :)

  4. I Believe In You and Me naman ni lolah Whitney. Tribute lang, ganun.



  5. Demn. I miss videoke. :(

    Hanep, diaphragm ang gamit. Swabe transition sa falsetto din.

  6. Oh I love the Script. Such a great song for you to pick.