About Me


  1. This is my second blog. My first was "His Worthless Ex". I used to be known as Ex Jason

  2. I'm gay and I've never really been properly in the closet. I was 18 when I accepted my sexuality. I told my friends about it a few days after, when I introduced my first boyfriend to them.

  3. I used to be a big fan of The Moffatts. Bite me.

  4. As of 2013, I've had eight boyfriends. Don't judge me, I'm just a hopeless romantic that way.

  5. I always order extra egg when eating Tapsilog.

  6. I used to be an MMORPG player. I always chose the healer class.

  7. The only fruits I eat are mangoes and bananas. The only veggies I eat are munggo (ano ba English nito?) and potatoes. And I’m not even sure if those are vegetables.

  8. My blood type is AB positive. Not sure about the positive part.

  9. There's a time in my life when I'm in Obar almost every weekend. I'm still currently in that time.

  10. I'm not afraid of flying cockroaches. This is probably why they have a habit of landing on me..


If you want to contact me for whatever reason, my email address is