Sunday, January 29, 2012

Your Place or Mine?

So I’ve always been curious about this.

When hooking up with a stranger, which one do you prefer: you go to his place or he goes to yours?

Each one has its own cons.

If you go to his place, you’ll be placing yourself in his turf. He could be a serial killer for all you know and have knives hidden in every corner, and you’ll just disappear without a trace. Or he could have hidden cameras all over the place and you’d see yourself in the next xtube video you watch. Or simply, you’re the one who still has to go home after an exhausting five-rounder.

On the other hand, if he goes to your place, you’ll be letting a stranger into your home, which is always risky. He could kill you and take all your stuff. Or he can get obsessed with you after you gave the performance of your life and he can stalk you. Or simply, you’re the one who has to clean up after.

Those are just some of the things that dissuade me. I'm sure you have your own issues with each case.

What I usually do is I tell him to get a room in some motel or just get on with it in some public place so that we’d have equal vulnerability.

But assuming that the only choices are his place or yours, which one would you pick?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I am twenty-five years old and I’ve recently been going through a “phase”. It’s the one where you feel like your life has been going on circles. I don’t know which way to go. I heard that this is called the “quarter-life crisis” or something. Assuming that I’ll live to be a hundred, I’m right on schedule.

The past several weeks have not been very pretty for me. I spent almost every night out drinking or cruising. Then I woke up the next afternoon with a nasty hangover. Sometimes, I still went to work for the rest of the day but most of the time I just went back to sleep.

I’m not really sure if I still like my job. I took it because I was already bored with my previous job but today, five months later, it’s already starting to bore me too. It’s stupid because I used to complain in my previous job that I did too little coding for a programmer. Now I’m bored because I do nothing but code.

Motivation is the key, I know. I have to find a reason to love my job so that I’ll put my best into it. That’s why I sometimes envy those guys who have families to feed or parents to impress. They have their motivation thrust so close to their faces that they never lose sight of it. For me, on the other hand, motivation has always depended on the fun I derive from what I do. Unfortunately, “fun” and “work” are more flings than lifelong partners.

Someone told me that she thinks this phase doesn’t just happen once, but rather comes in waves. Looking back on my past year, I think I have to agree with her. It did happen in waves, I just didn’t realize it. I was not prepared for them and my life got washed away every time.

I have to be ready. I’ve been pushing my luck too far already. Heck, it’s a wonder my boss didn’t fire me. I should take this opportunity to really clean up my act. Not going to work so that I could play Kingdom Hearts in the morning and go partying in the evening is not the way to get out of this circle.

I’m going old-school on it this time. I’m going to work for the money and the experience points. I still have no idea where I want to go from here, my life is still going on circles, but it’s okay. I’ll keep an eye out for all the possible exits so until I find the one I’m looking for. At least, when that happens, I’ll have enough resources to go for it.

Good enough for a motivation.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When Can You Say That You've Messed Up Your Life

It's when movie and popcorn has become a luxury.

It's when the only reason you got in a club is because your friend guest-listed you.

It's when a student offers to buy you a beer.

It's when you have to budget your cigarettes.

It's when you join a training for the free food.

It's when you agreed to have sex with a guy because he mentioned free dinner.

It's when you only hear "I love you" if you're naked in some motel.

It's when you have coyote ugly moments three times a week.

It's when you're not sure if you still have a job because you went AWOL for a week.

It's when you don't know how to explain to your boss that you were playing Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts while you were gone.

It's when you've finished every game and watched every movie in your laptop and realize that your life has reached a blank wall.

It's when someone three years younger than you tells you to get your act together

It's when you're sitting in a mall, typing a blog entry on your phone because you have nothing better to do.