Monday, January 31, 2011

Small World Part 2

Alala niyo ITO?

Well, di lang yan ang time na lumiit ang mundo ko.

Last year, may nanligaw sa ex ko. Foreigner. Kaso binasted niya.

Makalipas ang ilang linggo, may madaming bagay na nangyari at ako naman ang niligawan.

Galing diba?

Pero basted din siya. Kinaibigan ko naman, pero basted.

Tapos niligawan ko ulit si ex. Pero yun nga, madaming nangyari, at nauwi ang lahat DITO.

Si Luis ang tinutukoy ko dun. Si Luis si “siya”. Baka sounds familiar ang name niya (pero malamang hindi) kasi nabanggit ko na siya dati sa dulo NITO.

Surprise! Ex niya si foreigner.

Surprise! Kasama niya sa play yung inaanak ni ex sa isang org. Kaya pala gulat na gulat nung nakita akong kasama ni Luis.

Surprise! Ilang taon niya nang ka-crowd ang madami sa mga naging ka-crowd ko bago ako nawala sa sirkulasyon (nung nag adik adik ako sa online games). Pero kaming dalawa, nun lang nagkakilala.

Surprise! Kaklase niya nung high school at close friend niya yung isang babaeng sobrang close friend din ni ex.

Surprise! Yung babaeng yun eh sis (sa org) at ka-close din ng housemate ko ngayon.

Natapos din ang thing namin ni Luis after two months. Nung November yun.

Pero di natapos dun ang surprises. Diba may org kami ni ex?

Surprise! Sasali daw si Luis dun.

So magiging orgmates pa kaming tatlo.

I love my life. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Office Blunders

“Hey I’m going home now. Will you be okay?” My team lead’s voice snapped me out of my daze. I looked up from my computer screen. She was standing on the other side of the desk combing her hair, her backpack slung over a shoulder.

“Sure. You go ahead”, I answered, forcing a smile. “I can handle it from here.”

“Ok”, she said as she smiled back. “See you tomorrow”. I watched her until she walked out the door then went back to my screen.

I had two windows open. One was a notepad window with my code in it. Another was an email saying that it didn’t work. It was for an item that I worked on with a teammate. I actually finished my part before he finished his, but I was the one who got an error.

“Any luck with the bug?” my teammate asked me. He was in his desk, fiddling with his computer. He had nothing left to do, actually. He was just waiting for me to fix my error so we could proceed with our deployment.

“No, I still can’t figure it out,” I sighed as I leaned back on my chair, tilting it as far as it would go. Perhaps the code would be clearer if I looked at it from a distance.

“Is it still the same bug?” he asked.

I nodded. “Yeah, still the same one we got yesterday and the other day,”

“I don’t understand. You said it worked just fine when you tested it,” he said, his puzzled voice echoing my thoughts.

“Yeah, it did. It ran really well,” I answered as I wheeled my chair backwards to the table behind me until it hit with a light thud. My eyes were still on my screen. “It’s probably a problem with the servers again. We really need to replace those things.”

“Oh. I never had server problems before”, he said thoughtfully.

“Neither have I, actually,” I admitted. I started spinning my chair around, hitting a nearby trash bin with my feet at each turn. “I’ve heard stories from the other developers though. Man, I hate this item. We’ve been staying overtime for two nights now.”

“I did send the correct codes, right?” he suddenly said in a worried voice. I looked at him and saw that he was already frantically looking through the code I emailed him two days earlier.

I stepped my foot down. My teammate started talking again while scrolling down the email, “Oh man, I can’t screw another one up. I’ve been here three months and I’ve already broken more stuff than anyone else.”

I quickly wheeled back to my desk. If he had indeed screwed it up then I would be really pissed off. I had been acting as his mentor of sorts on that item. If he messes up, I’m also on the grill.

I opened the email I sent to him two days earlier. I opened the code attached to it and inspected it thoroughly for the first time. Not thirty seconds have passed before I let out an exasperated sigh. I spotted the problem. It took me a couple of minutes to fix it before I sent it to the deployment team.

“Hey, I’m going to smoke for a while,” I told my teammate as I stood up. “Text me if anything happens.”

I hurriedly walked out to our lobby and took the elevator down to the parking area in the fourth floor, which was where our smoking area was. I felt relieved when I saw that there was no one there. I needed time alone to think. I lit a cigarette, sucked in a lungful of smoke and blew it out.

I’m so stupid. How could I have been that careless? I should have checked it the first time.

I paced around, weaving through the cars as I continued to take long puffs. I had no choice but to tell him. And I had to tell the whole team as well. Maybe there was still a way to come out of this without looking bad. I had to think of a way.

A car in front of me suddenly turned on its lights and startled me. I frowned and stayed right where I stood until the driver honked at me. I moved over to the side but kept my eyes on him until he had driven all the way around the parking area and made his way down to the lower floor.

I looked at my cigarette. It was almost out. I sighed.

It was useless. I had to tell it exactly as it was. I dropped my cigarette and stepped on its last embers, the sound of my shoe hitting the concrete echoing as I stepped too hard.

I went back up and found my teammate looking a lot more cheerful than when I left him.

“Hey they just emailed. It’s working already,” he said with a big smile. “So you found the bug?”

I walked over to my desk and checked my email. Yep, there was the confirmation from the deployment team; a confirmation of a successful fix and a confirmation of my stupidity. I turned around to my teammate.

“Well, actually…” I started tentatively. I realized I was talking to his shoes so I looked up at him . “I found out what caused the error. It wasn’t a bug, actually. I… Uh… I sent you the wrong code.”

He turned to me. He had an inscrutable expression on his face. I was still trying to figure out whether it was of anger, frustration or disbelief when he suddenly laughed.

“Aw, come on, don’t laugh. It's frustrating,” I said, but my voice already sounded a lot lighter. “Hey, I’m really sorry.”

“Nah, it’s okay,” he said, smiling. “It’s a good thing you figured it out. We can go home now.” He stood up and started stuffing his things into his bag.

I shook my head and laughed at my own absurdity. He was a lot better than me. And I was no longer as good as I used to be.

“I’m going now,” he said as he closed his bag’s zipper. “Aren’t you going home yet?”

“No, you go ahead. I’ll test the damn item for a while. I want to make sure it really works,” I answered.

“Okay. See you tomorrow. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone,” he smirked.

 “Nah, I have to tell them. Coffee’s on me tomorrow,” I answered, hoping to god that my well-mannered teammates will not order grande.

Nagbisaya na si Heidi at Remy, si Cha-cha naman



Ug  pag-laum!

Gamhanang Prinsesa HOLY UP!

Nindot nga udyong nga silin!

Gasidlak-sidlak nga ispadang phoenix, pag-ugdaw!

Pako sa hari nga phoenix, lupad!

Deng deng deng!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Twitter Follower

So here I was, still in the office at ten in the evening, taking advantage of the office internet and bloghopping, when I saw on one of the inactive browser tabs that I had one new mail. So I clicked on the tab.

        <YOUR SENIOR MANAGER> is now following you on Twitter!


Aw crap.

And I was just thinking about protecting my tweets this morning. Why didn’t I do it?

I quickly checked my tweets to see if I said anything incriminating today, hoping that I could come up with a good damage control plan if I did.

Ah, but how could I have forgotten?

I started a topic this morning. It was about the newly-implemented English Only Policy, or EOP, in our company.


Nice one Nishiboy.

Monday, January 24, 2011

About Me Page

There, I now have a page bar and my own "About Me" page. Oh yes, my vanity just went up another notch.

Just in case the page bar is too hard for you to spot, here's the link:

The page bar looks weird with only two tabs, though. It's quite confusing which one is active. But I can't think of a good page to add yet. If you have any suggestions, please do tell me.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Playing The Game

“Hey Ico, I miss you. I’m really sorry I wasn’t there last night. I’m coming over tonight but I’ll probably get there very late. Don't wait up for me, ok? I love you,” Alex texted his boyfriend, Ico, who had been sick for two days and was still recovering. Alex was too busy with work to be with him while he was sick, so he at least wanted to be there while he recovers.

Alex arrived at Ico’s apartment at around midnight. He did not want to wake Ico up so he left the light off and moved as quietly as he can. He took off his shirt, lay on the bed beside Ico and hugged him. There was no need for sex that night. Alex was content to just hold his boyfriend in his arms.

But the hug woke Ico up. He propped himself up on his elbow and looked at Alex, almost curiously. Then he kissed him. It took Alex by surprise. He was not planning on having sex that night since he was already tired, but Ico seemed to be too much into it. There was urgency to his kisses, and Alex submitted himself.

The kiss started to trail down Alex's body. He kept himself from moaning, careful not to wake the people in the next room, but it was proving to be almost impossible. He gasped as Ico’s lips reached the waistband of his shorts.

But Ico suddenly stopped. He sat up, checked his phone and said, “We can’t do this tonight, Christian. I just remembered, Alex said he’s coming over tonight, and I think he’s on his way now.”

Alex was crying while he told me about it the next day.

“Wow. That sucks”, I said when he finished. “So what are you planning to do now?”

“I’m going to hook up with someone tonight,” he answered in between sobs. “Just to make things fair. Fuck him if he thinks I’ll just take it and cry.”

“Fair? Is that even going to help?” I asked. “And will sleeping with another guy even make things fair?”

“I don’t know. And I don’t really care anymore. I just want to beat him at his own game,” he answered, his voice drenched in vengeance.


“I think I’m going to break up with him,” April told me over the phone. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot for several days now.”

I was surprised. I was not particularly fond of April’s boyfriend. Actually, none of our friends liked him, but April had always defended him from every criticism we threw.

“Why the sudden change of heart?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I’m just not pleased with him anymore,” she sighed. “He no longer does the things I expect him to do and, well, our relationship is starting to feel like a failed investment.”

“An investment? Wow, you’re a bitch,” I laughed. “What did you expect to get anyway?”

“Time. Lots of it,” she answered. “And it’s just irritating that he can’t even give me that.”

“You should have thought about that before you decided to date a married man,” I reminded her.

“Well, he should have thought about that before he decided to make me his-“

“Mistress?” I quipped

“Thanks. I almost forgot you were on my side,” she retorted.

“Well at least you get gifts. That’s a pretty attractive return,” I offered. “Wait, he does give you stuff right?”

“Yeah. I’m using a new phone right now.”

“See?” I laughed. “I think you might want to extend his deadline. It will be Valentine’s Day in a few weeks. He might be planning something grand.”

“You know, you actually have a point,” April laughed. “I have to play it smart to the end.”


“Aren’t you dating Art?” I asked Andy while we were smoking on his bed.

Andy took a long drag before he answered. “Yes. Why?”

“Then why did we do this?” I asked.

He smiled. “It’s okay, he does it all the time. This is my first time though.”

“Wow, that’s a surprise. I had no idea you were a virgin,” I teased.

He laughed. “I meant my first time since we started dating.”

“Are you okay with that kind of setup?”

“No, actually, I’m not,” he sighed. “But he says he has needs. I’m a willing subject, of course, but he said he’s not yet ready to do it with me.”

“Ah, and now you’re taking your revenge.”

“No, not really,” he laughed. “He said it’s fine if I went and sated my own needs, so here I am. I held out for as long as I can, but I guess I’ve reached my limit.”

“That’s a really weird setup, especially the ‘not being ready to do it with you’ part ,” I said.

“Is it, now?” he said. He took one last drag at his cigarette and stubbed it out. “Go and tell that to Art. He made the rules. I’m just playing by them.”

“I don’t get it,” I said, shaking my head. He smiled.

“You don’t have to,” he said as he moved in to kiss me.


“Ano, kumusta ang lovelife?”

“Ewan. Wala. Bahala na. Single kung single putangina. Saya kaya.”

“Kitang kita ko ngang masayang-masaya ka. Asan na ba yung huli mo?”

“Ha? Sino?”

“Si ano-“

“O, sshh! Tama na, ayokong marinig pangalan niya. Wala na kami nun.”

“Yun, siya nga. Ano ba talaga nangyari sa inyo nun?”

“Wala. Walang nangyari. Kahit anong klaseng pangyayari, wala.”

“Tanga. Tinatanong ko kung bakit kayo naghiwalay.”

“Eh wala nga kasi. Puro pakiramdaman. Nag-aantayan kung sino unang bibigay.”

“Hulaan ko, ikaw ang nauna?”

“I hate you. Pero oo, ako. Sabi ko linawin na namin kasi naguguluhan na ako. Ayun, sabi ayaw niya pa daw. Tapos. Malinaw na malinaw na tapos.”

“Malinaw na talo.”

“Di naman. Mas matagal naman siyang umiyak kesa sakin.”

“So ano, pakiramdam mo panalo ka pa sa lagay na yun?”

“Wala. Walang panalo. Pareho kaming talo.”

Friday, January 14, 2011


Pakingshet. Andito na naman ako?

Pota eh kagagaling ko lang dito two months ago ah. As in dito mismo.

Wala na, lokohan na to.

Ano, kakanan ba?


Derecho lang?

At aba bad trip, may isa pang option: wag gumalaw.

Pero option ba talaga yun? Pwede ba talagang piliin?

“Choice mo yan!”

Oo nga, sabi ko nga eh.

O baka naman naeengkanto lang ako kaya pabalik balik ako dito. Makapagbaliktad nga ng T-shirt.

Wala talaga eh.


Ayoko pala, di ako marunong nun. Pokemon battle na lang. Or pataasan ng score sa videoke.

Takteng buhay to!

Kelangan kong mag-isip nang matino. Kelangang mag-meditate. Kelangang magmuni-muni at planuhin ang mga gusto sa buhay.

Kelangang na ulit magpakalunod sa alak at toogs toogs.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


He read Frank’s text message over and over.

“Joseph, please stop texting me ‘I love you’s. I don’t want him to get the wrong idea.”

“Joseph”. He can’t even remember the last time Frank called him by his first name. In the years that they were together, it had been “babsy” or “hubby”. When they broke up, it was “hey” or a tap on the shoulder. “Joseph” had always meant that something was wrong.

“Okay, if that’s what you want.”

An acknowledgment. Every word stabbed at his heart. He knew what this meant: he was no longer getting any more “last” chances. He had screwed up too many times.

“I just don’t want to be miserable anymore. I want to be happy.”

“You can be happy with me again. I’ve changed. I’ve grown up. Please give me another chance.”

He clutched his phone tight as he waited for a reply. Several minutes passed but there was nothing. He closed his eyes and sighed.

“It’s time to let go, Joseph,” he said aloud as he put his phone down. Frank was no longer the guy that he was before. Then again, neither of them was. The breakup wounded them both and left ugly scars. But it wasn’t until then that he saw just how much those scars hardened Frank. Frank was no longer the fragile boy that he used to be.

It was all my fault. Tears fell from his eyes as he remembered.

His phone rang. He looked at it for a while before picking it up.

“It’s too late. I belong to him now.”

It felt as if his scars were ripped open once again. Or maybe they weren’t scars yet, after all. Maybe his friends were right in saying that his wounds were still fresh and that he should let them heal first.

But when can you really say that your wound has healed, anyway?

Is it when it stops hurting?

Is it when the blood has dried and crusted over?

Do you have to wait until the crust falls off and exposes a thin layer of skin?

What about when a scar has formed, have you healed then?

He wiped his tears off and started typing. Halfway through the message, his eyes started to cloud with tears again.

“I hope things go well between you and your boyfriend. But if they don’t, I’ll be here. I hope you’ll consider giving me another chance.”

He had not even put the phone down yet when a reply came.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Nishiboy Explained

I had the reputation of being a grumpy kid back in high school. I would lash out at people at the slightest provocation. And it did not take much to provoke me. I had a lot of angst, even for a teenager. I particularly had trouble with authority: teachers, dorm managers, CAT officers and even our CAT commandant. I just did not deal well with being told what to do.

My biggest fight was probably with my third year biology teacher. We were in our bio lab for an exercise in taking blood pressure. The activity was done by pair and each pair was supposed to bring a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope.

The activity had been announced a few days before. My partner’s mom was a nurse and they had those devices at home. He said that his mother never used them so he volunteered to bring them. Everything was fine, but of course, the unexpected just had to happen, like it so often did in high school. His mom suddenly had to use them on the day of the exercise. We weren’t worried, though. Those were not easy things to acquire, after all, so we figured that we could easily reason with our teacher.

But we were mistaken.

“I assigned that to you last week. I gave you enough time to prepare,” she said. “There is no reason why you could not bring your materials to class today.”

She was smiling as she said that.

“Ma’am, I prepared them last night but my mom had to use them this morning,” my partner explained yet again. We had been explaining for several minutes already and the conversation was already going in circles.

“Well you can’t proceed with the exercise without the materials now, can you?”

Duh, what do you take us for? Idiots?

“We’ll borrow from the pair next to us,” I answered. “I already talked to them and they agreed.”

“Well that would be unfair to them,” she said, shaking her head. “You can proceed but you will receive deductions just to make things fair.”

Now let me make this clear: I was not a grade-conscious student in high school. I actually did not really care about grades so that compromise would have sounded good any other day. But her refusal to see things my way and her smug smile pissed me off. I saw it as a challenge and I accepted with fangs bared.

I turned to my partner and heatedly said, “You should have told me this morning that you would not be able to bring the materials. Then I could have gone out early and stolen some.”

I stormed back to our area. For added affect, I kept myself form turning around to see how she reacted. The pair seated next to us told me that they were almost done but I didn’t answer.

“What, did she expect us all to have those things?” I heard an exasperated voice behind me. I turned around; it was one of my classmates who were also unable to bring the devices.

Aha! An opening!

“Well, it’s our fault that those expensive things that are absolutely useless to us are out of our reach,” I said loudly. “It’s perfectly reasonable that we get deductions!”

“Very impolite,” I heard our teacher’s voice. Apparently, she was on her way to talk to me and had heard what I said. She went at the front and called everyone’s attention.

“This exercise was announced during our last meeting. That means everyone had enough time to prepare. If you think I’m being unreasonable, by all means you can go ahead and take it up to the admin,” she said. She was trying to sound calm but her voice was shaking. Her smile was also starting to falter.

“If they decide that I am indeed being unreasonable, then I would gladly leave the school,” she went on as her voice started to break.  “I tried my best to be a good teacher and I’m not afraid to leave the school if...”

She was unable to finish her sentence because she had full on started crying. A couple of my classmates rushed to her while the rest looked at me. I rolled my eyes and left the room. I looked at my watch, it was already recess time. I suddenly craved for chicharon so I decided to head straight to the canteen.

Apparently, her crying did not end in the lab. She decided to continue it at the faculty room lounge. Yes, the lounge. I don’t know, maybe her cubicle was crowded or something. In a totally unexpected turn of events, a student saw her. It was one of my friends from the fourth year. Concerned, he sat down beside her and asked, “Ma’am, what happened?”

“That Nishiboy! That Nishiboy! He’s such a bad boy!” she wailed, her face buried in her hands. Then she sat up, shifted sideways and, and in true chikadora fashion, told my friend everything that happened.

“Nishi” is the first half of my surname. Yeah, I didn’t know how to slip that explanation in, so there. Since then, my friends called me Nishiboy whenever I got grumpy.

Um, I just want to say that I’m no longer the pure evil kid that I was back then. I had since grown wings and half of a halo. The wings are starting to grow feathers too. Now if I could just do something about these fangs...

Image taken here.

Music vid to? Akala ko porn. Lol.

At na-tense talaga ako dito. May orgy-orgy pa. Shet. Dapat maisipan nilang mag collab ni Kylie Minogue. Yun, pag nangyari yun porn na talaga ang kalalabasan.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Boredom-induced Pokemania

At dahil bored na bored ako nitong nakaraang linggo, eto napag diskitahan ko:

Pero nagsawa ako after a few days, bago ko pa man matapos ang laro. Nagdecide akong ibang bagay naman ang gawin.

At mas nag-enjoy nga naman ako.

Lol. Joke lang. =P

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Mistake? Probably.

Kumusta ka na?

Hey. Eto, same old, same old.

Same old din. Hehe. Pero there are some interesting things happening at work.
Buti naman. Lol.

Nice! Good for you!
Anyway, remember the guy I was telling you about? Tinigil ko na panliligaw ko sa kanya.

Oh. Ano nangyari?

I got tired of being stuck in the grey area. Plus, I’ve come to accept that he’s just not that into me.
I get butterflies in my tummy when I see him. I don't think it's the same on his end.

Aw. So it’s really over?

Yeah. Really over.

Well then. I guess I’ll take that as my cue.  =P

I’m glad you know how to take a hint. =)


So… What happens now? =)

See you on Saturday?
You really don't waste time, do you? =)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Memory Album

The first thing that my mother showed me when I got home for vacation was a photo album she had filled with stuff from my childhood: graduation pictures, grade school report cards, ribbons, high school art plates, even admission documents for high school and college. I was tired from travelling the entire day, though, so I just browsed the thing for a minute before I put it away and forgot about it. I only remembered to take a look at it on my last night at home. I saw it on the shelf and decided to take pictures of the pictures.

The first pages had pictures of my college graduation. That was a mere eight months ago but I noticed that I had already gained so much weight since then.  I wasn’t in any way fit back then either, which only makes it more depressing. I was already overweight, and my desk job made sure that I went further on a downward spiral, gravity pulling on every pound of excess fat. I really should have followed my gym program seriously.

Then I got to the pages at the middle, which had stuff from my high school days. There were pictures, mostly from our graduation. I laughed quietly as I looked at them; damn, I looked so different back then. My classmates, on the other hand, still looked more or less the same. I could tell well because we just recently had our reunion. Some lost or gained a little weight, some started or stopped wearing glasses, everyone dressed better, but they pretty much still had the same youthful faces mismatched with adult bodies. It’s like we did not grow much. We used to have a theory back in high school that our lessons consumed too much of our energy that there was not enough left for growth. This was based on our observation that the kids from other schools look a lot older than us: their boys were taller and their girls had more developed breasts. If our theory were correct, it would also explain why everyone looked like they were still in the end-stages of puberty.

Then I saw my pictures from grade school and kindergarten, which were at the last pages of the album. I looked like an angel, of course. I was a portrait of innocence itself. I looked smart too, with medals around my neck and ribbons pinned on my little white graduation gown. Yeah, I was epitome of a good boy. I was a good son, my mother was always so proud of me. I was a good student too. I was always at the top of my class. The photo album of memories also held my report cards as proof. I was never absent from my classes, even when I was deathly sick. Back in second grade, I actually went back to school only a few days after going through an appendectomy because I was worried that I’d fall behind in our lessons. I also always wanted to be the leader in group works because I wanted to make sure that I was in control of our score.

I felt ashamed after I looked at those pictures. I am no longer the good boy that I was. I skip work when I feel the slightest headache. I avoid the heavy tasks if I can help it. And over a year has passed since I started working and I still haven’t given back anything to my mom. If the boy in those pictures saw what I have made of him, he would be terribly disappointed. Sure, I’ve come a long way since then. I had gone farther than most of my classmates from back then. But I still haven’t gone far enough. Not enough to give justice to that boy’s potential.

So I am claiming this year to be the year that I become the man that the good boy should have grown up to be. I will no longer languish at the layers below my potential. I will do my best this year. There are still a few empty pages left in that album. By the end of this year, I will have filled them with testaments of how the good boy has grown up to be a great man.