Friday, July 1, 2016

Nishiboy Is (probably) Back

It’s been a while since I last posted something substantial here. Ironically, it’s not from a lack of things to write. A lot of notable things have happened to me in the past year, I just don’t really know how and where to start.

2015 was an extremely challenging year for me. In bullet points, these were the biggest things I had to deal with:

·         I went through a terrible breakup. It happened just a couple of weeks before our supposed first anniversary
·         I got physically, mentally and emotionally burned out from work. Too many challenges but not enough rewards
·         I became financially unstable due to some very unfortunate circumstances at work.
·         My father, whom I had not spoken to for five years, went into a coma and then died after two weeks
·         I became clinically depressed. I spent a few months just holed up at home, cut off from work, family and most of my friends

But there were also a few small wins:

·         I wrote something and submitted it in an online column and it was published. That was my first time to be published anywhere
·         I finally got around to taking voice lessons; something I’ve been wanting to do for years
·         I had the courage this year to seek professional help for my depression and was slowly able to overcome it

Most of all, I can say with full confidence that those ordeals have made me a better person than I was before any of it happened. I’m still on the road back to recovering fully from my depression, and I’m still in the process of getting my life back together, but the good thing is that I am already on my way.

And as part of that road to full recovery and full getting-life-back-together, I might go back to blogging. I’ve always found writing to be cathartic and helpful in putting my thoughts into perspective.

So stick around, folks. Nishiboy is (probably) back.