Monday, January 24, 2011

About Me Page

There, I now have a page bar and my own "About Me" page. Oh yes, my vanity just went up another notch.

Just in case the page bar is too hard for you to spot, here's the link:

The page bar looks weird with only two tabs, though. It's quite confusing which one is active. But I can't think of a good page to add yet. If you have any suggestions, please do tell me.


  1. Napadaan lang at tumambay rito... Ingats!

  2. astig! nice addition to your page ah.

  3. walangya ka. hindi kita nakilala. haha

  4. @xprosaic: balik-balik!

    @canonista: haha. thanks. baka may ma-suggest ka pa jan.

    @nox: nox daw oh. lol. bakit mo naman ako di nakilala? may picture naman ah.

    @mr use: tara feb fair!!!

  5. sabi ng teacher namin sa organic chem e ang inggles daw ng "munngo" e "mung" (pronounced as "mang") ewan ko nga rin... kung san siya masaya :D

    singer ka pala kuya?? sampol! sampol! sampol! hihi :D

  6. That About Me page could use more pictures. Those help make it all the more readable; that word count is mighty criminal.

    Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  7. naks! ang daming fun facts! wooohooo!

  8. i want din sana ng ganyan, pero hindi pwede.. :s

  9. @kraehe: eh kaso pag ganon di automatic na magupdate.

    @haze: may dalawang sampol ako sa his worthless ex. =P

    @momel: pictures, eh? i'm trying to add some right now. thanks for the suggestion. =)

    @nimmy: ang fun fun diba? lol.

    @lee: nagpigil pa ako niyan.

    @chemguy: basahin mo yung about me ko, wala naman ako gaanong nilagay na personal info. kaya mo namang gumawa ng about me nang di nagbibigay ng clue sa identity mo. mag fun facts ka na lang din. =D

  10. i have one for links. it's really helpful for bloghopping although i haven't updated mine in eons. :)

  11. How about a tab for your favorite blog posts ng ibang bloggers. Or people you hate. Para maiba lang.

  12. nice suggestion glentot! hehehe

    kamusta naman ang yosi? 1 pack/day? wala na. ayoko na magsalita. haha

  13. @citybuoy: yeah, i think i'm going to add one for a bloglist. napag-usapan namin ni kraehe kanina.

    @houseboy: na alin? lol.

    @glentot: people i hate? hmm.. tempting suggestion. let me get back to you on that. lol.

    @ced: pag may gimik, nakaka dalawang pack ako. sa gimik pa lang yun. lol.

  14. sama ko sa feb fair! sama ko ex mo! char

  15. wahaha. ok lang. ok na kami. =P

    tara feb fair. punta akong elbi sa feb 18.

  16. ay. akala ko feb fair ng diliman. boo hoo