Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Until When?

The great thing about dating a total catch is that you know that no matter how many guys are after him, he only has his eyes on you.

The scary thing about it is that you always keep wondering, until when will I be enough? Until when will he keep on choosing me when a lot of other guys are willing to take my place in a heartbeat?


  1. dating pa lang kayo? I thought you're already a couple.

    I think you shouldn't wonder. I think you just have to bank on his feelings for you.

  2. that's how I feel towards my boyfriend :)
    his a total catch and I'm just happy that I'm the one beside him

    the fact that he chose you only means that you are above the rest

  3. 1. Please don't put your partner on a pedestal. You will always get the one left behind.

    2. Never underestimate the power of attachments.

    3. And no, he's not a total catch. He's a total catch only because you said so. For others he's just an ordinary person.

  4. I have the same thoughts whenever I'm dating someone, anyone.

  5. Same sentiments as well.. Hello dating game for me too ;)

  6. Thinking too much places a great deal of pressure on you and your relationship.

  7. You look down on yourself too much, you know.