Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Night Of Sin

Nishiboy is an alumnus of UPLB Babaylan, an LGBT student organization. They celebrated their second anniversary last week (July 6). It was a Wednesday and Nishiboy had work so he missed the Pride March, but he was determined to make it to the anniversary party that night. Someone asked him why he wanted to go there so bad. Before he could answer, that person asked if they were going to hold a massive orgy.

Right, because a party of homosexuals always means sex. Nishiboy arrived just in time to join in the fun.

They started by playing with the cake. For added kink, they didn't use a knife and instead just dove in with their forks.

It wasn’t long before they started engaging in foreplay

They even did it in groups.

Soon, everyone joined in.

As the night wore on, things just got hotter and hotter.

And Nishiboy got it on with a lesbian.

It was the best sex party ever.

1st UPLB PRIDE MARCH and 2nd UPLB Babaylan Anniversary

This post orignally had pictures but I removed them because, well, I suddenly felt like it. The pictures did not show anyone having sex. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything.


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

    Maybe it's just me but isn't the orgy comment a little gender-ist?

  2. Saya naman.

    Pwede ba sumali dito kahit grad na? Haha.

  3. Yayyy. UP Babaylan. Ang mga tunay na Diwata!

  4. what I remember about LB is DTRI and the chocolate milk. lol. off topic.

  5. @citybuoy: yeah. that wasn't the first time i was asked the orgy question either. i lashed out every time. this is the non-violent version of my answer. ;)

    @miguel: haha. pag MS or faculty, pwede mag member. pag hindi, pwede honorary.

    @bien: pag lantern parade. lol.

    @travis: aw, you didn't try the cake? elbi experience is not complete without the cake.

  6. @ceiboh: masarap din yung cake. lol.

    @kiks: haha. birthday ng org. =P

  7. u wer der that night???? i was in lb that day too! i saw the pride march hehehe. :) it was sooo nice. :)

  8. ang kulet!!! naglaway ako sa laman ng pics. cake at boys! echos lang sa boys! hahaha

  9. Bungga! Walang kamatayang MERNEL's Cake!!!

  10. Ano bang difference pag honorary? So di pwede maging member ang mga undergrad? Sorry nomad ako nung college. hahaha.

    Masarap talaga ang walang kamatayang Mer-Nel's cake. haha

    Nga pala. Dun sa ibang pics parang ikaw ung lesbo hahaha

  11. @jayps: yah!!! sayang dapat pala tinext kita!

    @spiral: birthday sex. lol.

    @nimmy: aling boy? =P

  12. @james: naman! haha. siyempre di kumpleto ang birthday pag walang mernels.

    @miguel: pag student siyempre pwede. pero pwede din ang faculty at alumni. pag honorary, same lang sa ibang members pero di pwede mag-vote. at oo, alam kong mukha akong tibo sa ibang angles. haha.

  13. mernels! mernels! mernels! mernels is just love!

  14. that was fun... and the pictures really showed how kinky the orgy was.. LOL!... got my first pride parade last july 3 in Toronto.