Wednesday, December 28, 2011

To Those Who Saw Me In Obar

To whom it may concern:

Let me begin by saying that I was not quite myself when I was in Obar last Sunday.

First, I think it should be pointed out that I had seven bottles of beer that night. That's not a lot for most drinkers, myself included actually, but I had three different brands. I'm pretty sure that's what messed me up. Yes, I'm really sure.

At the start, I was at the back of the club. If you saw me trying to undress the twinky guy standing beside me, then I think you should know that he's just a really good friend. He was complaining that it was too hot inside, so I was trying to do him a favor. It may have looked like I was forcing him, but no, I wasn't. If you looked closely, you would have seen that he was smiling, even when I touched his man-boobs while his head and arms were stuck in his shirt. We were both smiling.

An hour after my friend and I came in, a daddy-looking guy joined us. That was another friend who is actually only twenty-seven. We dated a couple of months ago for five days but it didn't work out. It was a good breakup and no one was bitter even though it was his entire fault. He was there that night in Obar because I invited him, because that's what mature ex-dates do.

A couple of hours later, when I was already on my fifth beer, we transferred to a table near the front door, which was partly occupied by a BBM friend and his friends. After a while, right after my friend introduced me to his friends and I forgot their names, I started singing along to the music at the top of my lungs. That was a bit unsightly, I admit, but I blame it all on Adele. She was clawing at my wounds and that was me screaming in agony.

By the time the last performance of the night had ended, everyone was already drenched in good vibes, myself included. How could we not be when it’s Christmas? We had to spread the joy. I found myself talking to my friend's friends. Then I was talking to the other guys in our table, then the guys on the next table, then to every guy that passed by our group. The mood was just so infectious.

Rocky and Toby, if you're reading this, I want you guys to know that it was a pleasure meeting you, and also that I was already finishing my sixth beer when I came up and introduced myself to you. I think I may have been a bit annoying, asking you over and over if I was already embarassing myself, but it was only because I kept forgetting your answer, which was also the reason why I kept asking your friend his name. We should get together again next time, when I'm still sober, and we can talk fondly about that night. Perhaps that will remind me of the fuzzy parts that my friends won't tell me about.

There was actually one detail that I almost forgot - that I slapped daddy-looking-guy many times. It was all just good fun, of course. Luckily, I remembered it the next day because one of my fingers was swollen. That means my hand hit a hard part in his face, probably his cheekbone. Congratulations, daddy-looking-guy, looks like you've lost weight.

I remember kissing a guy that night. If you happen to be that guy, please don’t be mad if I don’t recognize you when we next bump into each other. The kiss happened when my eyes were already failing me. I couldn't even type on my phone properly anymore. When I checked the last text I sent that night, it said "Ymuwivnqko" which, I'm guessing, was supposed to read "Umuwi nako". I do remember, though, that you were a good kisser. Next time you spot me lurking in the shadows of Obar, just pull me in and kiss me, and I might just remember.

I took the same cab home as BBM guy because we were practically neighbors. I thought I was already too drunk to do anything, but I rose through the challenge. I had enough sense left to tell the cab driver where I lived. And unlike many of my friends who told me they already threw up inside a cab, I still had the sense to tell the driver to pull over so I can throw up on the sidewalk. I don't remember paying, though, so I guess I owe BBM guy some money.

Having said that, I'd like to tell anyone who saw me in Obar or on the sidewalk that I'm really not usually like that. I’m usually a very collected person, the typical shy-type. Nevertheless, I'm going to take a break from going there - no, wait, from drinking altogether. I’ve had enough for the time being and don't plan to go anywhere near liquor until Thursday. Ah yes, that's tomorrow.




  1. Oh, that's not such a bad drunk story. (I've had infinitely worse experiences. One involves me saying "Excuse me" to my reflection because it just would't get out of my way as I headed to the bathroom. Ha!)

    And if Good Kisser enjoyed the exchange as much as you did, you might not owe an apology to anybody. ;-)

    Happy Christmas, Nishiboy!

    P.S. Adele claws at my wounds in a similar way, and she is much to blame for my unsightly renditions of Someone Like You.

  2. how come you all know these things? so it means.. di ka lasing!! hahaha

  3. When one must be inebriated and debauched, it must be with wild abandon, wanton and unrelenting. There is no other way. If this was a drunk story, I wouldn't call it a bad one. It's a rather explorative, dynamic, and unabashed reminiscing of an evening for the books.

    I'd say, good work dude!

    Next time, do share the blessings. Haha. Merry Christmas, and a Happy, hard-hitting, New Year!

  4. 7 beers? We had a bit more beer than you that night, but I admit it helps that we mix in Extra Joss to give it a slightly sobering kick. And alcohol is alcohol, hehe

    Regardless, it was nice (and rather amusing) to finally meet you in person, as embarrassed as you were (which was a tad adorable). Feel free to look for us again whenever you're in O Bar.

    As for meeting up when you're sober, I'll leave that to you, hehe

  5. Sabi nga ni late Dr. Nonoy Tamayo., makipaginuman ka ulit with the same group as soon as possible. Para malaman mo na okay lang at kebs sila sa mga pinaggagawa mo. Haha.

  6. @sitting pretty: curse adele! lol. and that story about the reflection made me lol irl. haha. just how much did you drink that night?

    @fox: ah, i'm one of those who remember every detail from a drinking session, which makes it all the more uncomfortable.

    @red: haha, that makes me wonder what you are like when you're drunk.

  7. @rocky: haha. i'll be looking for you next time, sober or smashed.

    @red baron: kaya nga kako sa obar na lang tayo diba? next time na tayo mag cubao ex. mahal din taxi ko pag dun galing. lol.

  8. nishi, is this a foretaste of things to come? magiging nakakahilo ang 2012 mo kung ganun. :D

    enjoy lang while it lasts...

    masigabong bagong taon!

  9. @Nishi Ask Joms. He would know. :D

  10. @Nishi Para maiba naman! Sa obar: Di k b nagsasawa sa mga cute na di mo naman makukuha? Dun naman tayo sa cubao ex maghanap ng mga bagong cute (na di rin natin makukuha).

  11. a one of a kind open letter. grabe, perfect attendance ka yata sa O?


  13. Some good company to look after you would be nice the next time.

    And I miss Obar too, you know.
    Happy new year, dad.

  14. Hahaha, klasik! Pero tama din ang sinabi ni red the baron. That's usually what I do, drink with them again the next day, para makipagkwentuhan, at subtly ask for details, especially when my recollection is hazy.

    O di kaya mag-GM ka the next day, yung tipong: Hi guys, I was so drunk last night, pero good trip. Hehehe. (Oo, dapat may 'hehehe', para hindi ma obyus na dinibdib mo talaga ang kalasingan mo sa gabing nagdaan. Hahaha.

    Stay happy this 2012, Nishiboy! :)

  15. So this is the great self-destruction you were talking about.

    Done worse. People ought to forgive you. :P

  16. Happy new year, Nishiboy! :)

  17. Well I didn't see you in Obar. If I did, I would probably give you a hug, providing that I even knew what you looked like. I'm half a world away, but it sounds like you are living a fun and happy life. Have a great 2012. :)