Saturday, March 19, 2011


(2:14) K: Do you think you will be friends one day?
(2:15) W: Probably not.
(2:15) K: Wow.
(2:16) W: It might be better that we shared only intense feelings.
(2:16) W: Intense love, intense hate...
(2:17) W: I'd rather not have that replaced by plain "friendship".
(2:17) K: Remember this day and remember what you said.
(2:17) K: It would be interesting to see if you still feel the same way a decade from now.

(2:25) W: I often wonder if he's as hung up as I still am.
(2:25) W: I hope he is. To make things fair.
(2:26) K: Ah, and there it goes.
(2:26) K: The "I want you to be as unhappy as I am" stage.
(2:26) W: Yeah. I know, it's so immature. But I can't help it.
(2:27) K: It's okay. I mean, you cant fastforward the way you think.

(2:35) K: Do you want him to be unhappy?
(2:35) W: *sigh* No, I want him to be happy.
(2:35) W: I guess I just can't handle the possibility that I no longer have a place in his heart.
(2:36) W: Him being unhappy means I'm still there.
(2:36) K: What you had was beautiful. And when something that beautiful is suddenly gone, the emptiness it leaves behind can be scary.
(2:36) K: And sometimes, you want to ask: if what we had meant to him as much as what it meant to me, how can he be okay?
(2:37) K: He's not supposed to be okay, because I'm not.
(2:37) K: Fuck.

(2:41) K: I've seen him. He seems happy.
(2:41) W: Yeah, he does.


  1. and why did you remember all these...

    all of a sudden?

  2. Awwwww. W will have his turn. Im sure he'll find happiness too

  3. @yj: it's just another guy's story.

    @orally: yeah, i'm sure. =)

  4. I guess kaya ganito feeling ni W kasi, when you genuinely love somebody, you hand over your heart to someone else, and when the relationship ends, you don't really get it all back. A part of you will always be with him. (haha sencia na ang drama ko!)

    Thanks for visiting my space Nishiboy. :)

  5. Ah, another story of moving on first is it?

    Happiness at the expense of another...

    People can really be sad creatures.

  6. This is my favorite line... "Him being unhappy means I'm still there."

  7. I feel for W. That's just the way it is.


  8. My favorite line was 2:26, but the surrender in 2:41 is a contender. Grabe. This is a teeny, tiny bit depressing.

  9. I've found that it's ridiculously hard to learn how to become friends after sharing so much as partners. I gave it a shot with my ex in the first year and the results were less than ideal including things I did that I now regret.

    Best to focus on the future and start anew.

  10. i also wish all the happiness for my exes, but deep inside of me (the one where the evil thoughts reside), i want them miserable. and unhappy. hehe.

  11. Moving on, when you have loved someone so much, is really difficult.