Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'll Be On Vacation This Weekend. Yay.

Our team at work is going to Cebu and Bohol this weekend, from Saturday (March 12) night to Tuesday (March 15) afternoon. We booked our flights last year during one of Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare promos. Yes, we waited a year for this and we all very excited about it.

Can you feel my excitement?

I am very excited.

We’ll be touring Cebu all day on the 13th. One of my teammates' boyfriend is from Cebu so we have a free tour guide. Then we'll probably be partying at night. Hah! I wonder how the gimik scene in Cebu is.

We will head straight to Bohol on Monday. It will be everyone's first time there so we had to get a tour package. This is the itinerary of the one that we got:

March 14, 2010 (Monday)
        Arrival in Bohol
        Arrival in Tagbilaran City
        Fetch at the airport
        Land tour proper (11 spots, possible itineraries not in order)
            Bohol blood compact
            Baclayon church (the oldest coral stone church in the Philippines)   
            Python encounter
            Buffet lunch with free river cruise
            Tarsier encounter (the smallest primate in the world)
            Chocolate hills
            Bilar man-made forest (little Baguio)
            Delicacy tasting
            Nipa weaving
            Bolo making
            Miraculous well of Mary
        Buffet lunch with free river cruise
        After the tour, drop to resort
March 15, 2010 (Tuesday)
        6:00 am Sea tour proper:
            Dolphin watching Pamilacan island
            Island hopping at balicasag island and virgin island also called Pontod       
        After the tour, back to resort

I have absolutely no idea if that's a good list.

Anyway, the biggest reason for my overflowing excitement is our projected expenses. My teammates did some math and came up with Php 8,000. Yeah, that's like the money I get every payday. That's ten days worth of work. Meh. I was totally unprepared for that and was only able to set aside Php 3,000. Demet.

There’s only one thing I can do now:

Pick up phone.

Go to messages.

Compose new message.

“Ma, pwede pautang? =)”

If anyone is free for a meet-up, please do tell me. I'd like to meet Cebunao bloggers. If you’re interested, send me an email or leave your email address in the comments section and I’ll send you my number. =)

Spiral, hunting-on tika pag dili ka magpakita. Bantay ra gyud ka.


  1. Bohol is very clean and beautiful :) Enjoy :)

  2. Sunday the 13th... kita ta na! :))

  3. Ang saya naman ng team building na yan! Samantalang kame eh napagkakasya na namin ang team building sa Metrowalk. Lol.

    Enjoy Nishiboy! :)

  4. naks! bumabakasyon sya oh! enjoy! maganda ung list. winner! :)

  5. good times!

    -Désolé Boy

  6. I have friends sa south na bloggers I'm not sure if you know them though, Maldito, Claudiopoi, marami pang iba

  7. wow inggit ako.. buti pa kaw.. hahaha pero nasurprise din ako kase 1 year! go go go! At enjoy mo lang..hahaha ganda ng banat mo kay mama.. pautang...

  8. basta punta tayo ng galera. don't forget. choz!

  9. Hi Nishi. Who doesn't love a vacation, eh? Have fun!!!!

    Perhaps it will lead you to unexpected places. Or... unexpected expenses. Hahaha.

    I hope it will be everything you wanted it to be. =)


  10. Whoa! That's one thing I've never done. Loan from my parents for some RnR. There's always a first time, for everything that is. *wink*

  11. wow! pasabit, sa airplane lolz. enjoy sa bakasyon...minsan lang yan sa napakaraming boring na araw.

  12. @spiral and pyro: see you on sunday. =D

    @Mugen: thanks thanks. i'm trying not to think of the expenses. haha. para mag-enjoy talaga.

    @rah: oo nga daw. i'm more excited about Bohol than Cebu, actually.

    @louie: haha! maganda din naman sa metrowalk ah. =P

  13. @Nimmy: hay sana matuloy yang tour na yan. kasi nagdadalawang isip bigla ang mga kasama ko. gastos daw. mga poor. choz.

    @DB: haha. danggit? =P

    @Glentot: Di ko kilala si maldito. si claudio naman, alam ko yung blog niya pero di ko alam kung kilala niya ako. i'm meeting with Spiral Prince and Pyro.

    @Kamila: haha. mama ko talaga ang mother of perpetual help. or "inahan sa kanunay'ng panabang" kung sa bisaya pa.

    @nox: yiii. haha. oo, puerto pag pinayagan ako ni mother of perpetual help.

  14. @axl: chill talaga! tangina, kelangan ko nito! lol.

    @Kane: i'll try to check that place you told me about. =P

    @Red: haha. yun pinautang nga talaga ako. =D

    @kraehe: oo nga eh. kelangan talaga namnamin bawat minuto ng bakasyong ito. lol.

  15. hi nishiboy, thanks for following me. looks like your teams and you will going to have so much fun in cebu. take care. I followed you back. :)

  16. hey
    nasa bohol din ako this weekend
    hanggang thursday next week
    baka magkita pa tayo nyan

  17. piso fare ba ng cebupac yan, parang alanganin ang arrival at weekdays

  18. enjoy sa iyong trip!

    salamat sa pagdalaw sa aking tahanan nishiboy!

    balik ka ult!