Monday, March 28, 2011

Top 10: Dating A Choirboy

I first joined a choir when I was a freshman in college. Since then, I've joined about five choirs. I also lived with some choirmates for six months. Like with any other set of people, living with and dating choirboys has its own intricacies.

Top Ten Tips When Dating A Choirboy

Be prepared to hear a concert (with vocalization and a full repertoire) every time he steps into the shower.

Every choirboy has an inner Simon Cowell and will critique every singer when watching American Idol, ASAP, Party Pilipinas, Showtime, etc. Just let him say his piece. It will physically hurt him if he doesn’t let it out.

In connection with number 9, it will be good if you can acquaint yourself with some terms he uses. That way, you can appreciate it when he says that Sarah Geronimo has a strong mid register but should place her high notes more towards her head. Or that Yeng Constantino can’t do a proper legato.

On the other hand, if he asks you if you liked how a singer or a choir performed a song, a simple “Yes, I did” or “No, I didn’t” will do. Do not attempt to give a technical critique. Unless, of course, you are a singer yourself.

He will sing in his faux-soprano voice a lot, especially coloratura arias. It won’t matter that his voice is several octaves short; he will still try to whistle out those notes from Magic Flute, The Flower Duet and Diva Dance. Just bear with it.

Do not expect him to make you proud in videoke sessions. Pop songs require a different technique from choral music. Or so he will say.

If he has an upcoming performance, try not to smoke, drink cold water or eat cake when he is looking. But once the concert is over, treat him to ice cream.

Do not mock him when he vocalizes, no matter how weird it might sound to you. He will take it personally.

Buy earphones for yourself. They will come in handy, especially during concert season.

Sing for him. It won’t matter if you hit all the wrong notes as long as he sees that you made an effort to practice. Choirboys spend a lot of time rehearsing and singing songs for other people. He’ll appreciate it if someone sings for him for a change.



  1. two points:
    1. things i should know and understand? hehe
    2. you have sensitive teeth; no ice cream

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww. ang astig! gustong gusto ko kapag nagli-list ka. remember mo ung deleted post? hihihihihi :P

  3. m a choir boy, too. love #1...

  4. Very informative. Meron akong dalawang kilalang Choir member the blogger. They should see this.

  5. hahaha. Thanks for the tip. Now all I need to do is find a choirboy to date. LOL

  6. @nox: i-print mo na yan at ipaskil sa bedside mo. =P

    @nimmy: issue pa! haha!

    @dsm: oooh, i didn't know that. masarap pag kinakantahan diba?

    @mugen: haha, let's see if they'll agree with this list.

    @iurico: *points at DSM* la~la~la~

  7. maganda to..
    Do not mock him when he vocalizes, no matter how weird it might sound to you. He will take it personally.

    tamang tama talaga!!

  8. Swak sa banga Nishiboy! Maipagkalat nga to sa mga aspiring na magka-partner na choir member! Lol. :)

  9. interesting. i haven't dated a choir guy and it might be too late for me. it's nice to know loads of thing about them though, in case a friend ever dated one. :)

  10. is this from experience? What is frustrated choir boy? tsk tsk tsk.

  11. i think #2 is the best advice ever. ;o)

  12. @axl: andaming nagkakamali jan. haha.

    @louie: spread the word! haha.

    @mayen: it's never too late. romantiko mga choir boys. =D

    @xall: from my experience as a choirboy. lol.

    @that girl: haha. yeah, it solves a lot of problems. =P


  14. I, too, am a choirboy. Well was, for a protracted period from gradeschool to college. And in light of the matter at hand, I'd like to offer my opinion on the points raised:

    10. I personally don't do this all the time. Especially since my housemates are predominantly straight. But I do get the urge to sing a few lines whenever (1) I'm in a happy/ good mood, or (2) when I'm bored.

    9. Although Simon Cowell is there, he's not as rabid as the real one. Opinions are critiques are offered when the situation asks for it, or when said evaluation was asked. Otherwise, it maybe taboo to lambaste another singer, that would be too condescending, unless the performance was so glaringly mediocre.

    8. That is appreciated, but not mandatory. Most choirfolk would be glad to elucidate you on the jargon if you ask.

    7. Either that, or you could offer your opinion not just on the vocal quality and musicality of the performance. For example, stage presence, diction, modulation, and the like.

    6. Not all the time. But I do agree, it is tempting to go altitude rather than breadth. Especially when one is a contra tenor. We're you referring to the Diva's Dance song from the movie Fifth Element? The title is actually "Il dolce suono...Ardon gli incensi" from the "Mad Scene" in the classical opera "Lucia di Lammermoor."

    5. I agree.

    4. Haha. I smoke a lot. I think the best preparation, beyond anything else, is good and complete rest.

    3. You can. Let's be honest here, some of the vocalization exercises are just downright absurd and hilarious.

    2. True. No need to date a choirboy to do this.

    1. I agree to this one too.

    Thanks. This was a very informative, and insightful entry. :)

  15. @Spiral: actually it's not what you think. =P

    @Red: haha. astig. punto-por-punto ang comment. so you're probably one of mugen's choirboy blogger friends.

  16. @Nishiboy Before. Now, I just sing for fun. :)

  17. i can't carry a tune.. but i know how to hit the right "note" hahaha

  18. i want a choirboy!!!! hahaha :D

  19. @red: yeah, singing in a choir does take away the fun. it makes singing a chore. kaya din ako nagpalipat-lipat ng choir. hehe.

    @clarence: hit 'em hard! lol.

    @anonymous: there's plenty of us around. go ahead and pick one. =P

  20. Check, got those tips. Pero san ako maghahanap ng choirboy hahaha

  21. @pyro: try mo sa mirc. #wildcebuchoirboys. choz.

    @jin: yeah, experience. ako yung choirboy. =P

  22. What a witty post? But I surely know that you have a specific person in your mind. I used to sing in a choir... I enjoy vocalizing because I like playing with the notes... =)

    Nice post Nishi... I might write a post that's also about being a choirboy... =)

  23. Is this base from experience? Ha Nishi? Naisip ko..hindi choir bf ko.. pero painter siya.. tapos naisip ko tuloy.. instead na kumanta siya puro pintura siya habang naliligo..base on number 10.. hehehe.. pero number 9.. ganun siya.. pag may nakikita na art critique agad.. hhehehee.. at wala lang.. hindi na tayo nagkachat sa ym!

  24. @vivi: choirboy ka din pala? now we definitely have to meet. =D

    @kamila: haha. i-suggest mo sa kanya at nang maging makulay ang banyo niyo. oo nga, di tayo nagkakasabay mag-online. online ako usually from 10am to 6pm, pinoy time.

  25. ay hindi ko bet ang choir boy. mas feel ko ang sakristan. chos :)

  26. @mel: pari ka ba? chozzz din. =D

  27. Choir or not, I think most guys would like it when someone sings for them. Kilig. :)

  28. Weh? Hehe. Unya? Unsaon man nin nato ron? I'm so unlearned about terms and stuff. Was only part of the school choir way back in 4th year highschool kay nag-panic ko nga blanko akong extra-curricular activities. It was a good thing the choir master (?) took me in for bass voice (?) after singing Beautiful In My Eyes by Joshua Kadison for the auditions. Haha! I <3 choirboys! They are so passionate, right? Hehe.

  29. yeah, very passionate. haha. i'll teach you about the terms if you want. pero, tulad nga ng sinabi ko sayo , you'll have to teach me some things din. =P

  30. at napa wikipedia ako...thanks for the new words for my vocab...