Friday, May 27, 2011

PLU Blog List Update

New blogs in the list this month:

Cigarette Butts and Senseless Tangenialities
by: ron.angitawagmosaakin

Confessions of a Pretend Artista
I am not an actor, nor am i connected to any show/network. But my work/life resembles that of showbiz, and hence, will use that. So read between the lines.
by: magnum


I'm still trying to think of ways to improve the list. Right now, I'm thinking of adding labels to the items, like "English", "Humor" or "Literary", to give readers a better idea of what they are about.

If you have any suggestions, please do tell me.


To those who linked or promoted the page, thank you so much. I really really appreciate it.

To those who haven't, I still hope you can link back to the page. I had Kraehe make a badge of sorts. You can use that. Or you can link it however you want. The page is doing great, but I still hope it can reach more people.

View the page HERE.


  1. I wonder how you would classify my blog. Hehehe.

  2. Add mo naman kasi nishiboy please. Hehe. :)

  3. Hello! Salamat! follow nyo ko puhleasssseeee... bago ko magka Tourette's. lol.
    Cigarette Butts and Senseless Tangenialities

  4. thanks for adding me to your bloglist.

    kinda new at this so im hoping this takes off.

    nice blog, by the way.

  5. hi nishiboy :)

    sama mo naman blog ko sa PLU.. I think PLU ata ako. hahahahaah :p

    thank you po ^_^

  6. can you please include my blog?

    thanks jap