Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nishiboy According To A College Friend

The long-overdue third installment to The "Nishiboy According To His Friends" Series aka How To Blog Without Really Writing Anything.

This was written by a girl friend (take note of the space in between) back in college. We were choirmates and were both taking up Computer Science. I call her “bride” and she calls me “groom” after we got “married” in a wedding booth during one of our university fairs. It was a double-wedding. Her friend married my boyfriend.

She is also probably the first person I knew who owned a blog. She used to write under the name Saminella.

Bilang blogger siya, madami siyang ka-eklatan sa entries. Tulad nito, screenie ang pinadala niya para daw maiba.

Nishiboy According To A College Friend
By Saminella

O diba? Blogger na blogger. Lol.

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  1. aww.. ang sweet ng girl (space) friend mo.. halatang programmer/ developer.. is that notepad++?

  2. Wow. Makata si gurlfriend. Baka in love pa sayo yang si Bride mo ah. Haha. Char. :)

  3. aww. you're own little place. nice.