Friday, February 10, 2012

Nishiboy According To A High School Friend

Here's the second entry for  The "Nishiboy According To His Friends" Series aka How To Blog Without Really Writing Anything

This one was written by a good friend from high school. We were also schoolmates for a couple of years in college until he transferred to another university. He was one of those who witnessed my transformation from high-school wimp to college wimp. And he knows enough of my secrets to blackmail me for the rest of my life.

Nishiboy According To A High school Friend
By Cyril

I hated Nishiboy, known to us, his high school mates, as Jap, when I first came to notice his existence. He was taller than I was, he was way meaner, and most of all he could belt to Celine Dion's "I'm Your Lady [and you are my man]" without much of an effort. It’s quite true what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But if I may, to that saying a phrase I'd like to add: so they'd eventually become your friends. That's exactly what happened to Jap and I.

Fond memories I have of Jap would reveal our shared addiction to Harry Potter, animes (Bleach and Naruto), and singing. Forgive the lack of modesty, but Jap was my apprentice when it came to Harry Potter trivia. Hahahaha. But Jap sure made up for that with anime stuff and his prowess at karaoke. Jap, Sondra and I spent countless hours way back in our laid-back UPLB days just talking about anything that came fleeting into our idle minds. In retrospect, Jap, just like us, would fit uncannily into the dictionary definition of the term nerd.

Jap used to have an oppositional defiant type of personality. Jap was super stubborn and disliked being told what to do, a trait which currently lingers a wee bit. Hehe. He once made our Biology teacher cry. He also fought with and got into our Filipino teacher's nerves and irked our English mentor over a hidden shoe. He's got quite a knack at defying any authority figure. Now, I'd say Jap has progressed for the better. The Jap I knew then wouldn't have graduated from UP, would never have kept a decent job, would be penniless hours after pay day, and would basically be a pain in any of his friend's butt. Honestly. Hahahaha. Peace Jap.

Something must have come and changed that old Jap. I was flabbergasted last year when Jap and I met for the first time after college. For one, he had a neat-looking bag. Although contents of said bag may be tousled unceremoniously inside, but hey, now he's put things in an actual bag and not stuff them in his pockets. Second, he now has no stinky, sweaty, snot-covered towel draping over his pronounced shoulders. Third, he smelled of perfume and not of his usual cigarette smoke-drenched self. Moreover, he had with him a towel, bath soap, even shampoo. The old Jap would have comfortably scavenged through your drawer.

Most amazing of all, he was in love. Like for real. I've never seen Jap like that ever. That may have been that something I was looking for. Jap has come a long way from highschool but just like the rest of us he still has leaps and strides to go. He may fall short sometimes, be hurt and commit very appalling mistakes, I'd expect this new Jap to come out wiser, a grin plastered on his face, bravely putting on display his scathed heart and bruised ego.


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  1. As they say, love can change people. Cheers to you Jap. Nice knowing you through your friends. :)

    1. it's interesting no? knowing what your friends think about you. it's different when they write it down.

    2. true, it's like an affirmation of the traits you possess.. di ba? so binago ka pala ng pag-ibig, jap?

      yiheeeeeeeeee... :P

  2. It's different reading posts of someone I've actually met even for a few minutes :) celebrity blogger ka rin pala. Nice to have met you at Oasis after the LYC this Feb 11. +1 follower to your blog :)

    1. I'm nowhere near celebrity status yet. Lol. Hello Rygel.

  3. Well... Daming escapades mo pala :)