Thursday, May 23, 2013

BETTER TOGETHER: Mass Yoga for the 30th AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Guys, if you're free this Sunday, perhaps you'd like to do Yoga for a cause. I've never done Yoga before, but I'll try it out this time, in support of our friends who are living with HIV.

Among the instructors will be Donna Esteban, David Esteban and Rebecca de Villa. Some of us, lovers, from The Love Yourself Project will also be there to support the activity.

Let's meditate and help out the PLHIV community together.

Here's the post from Yoga For Life's Facebook event:

We are celebrating the 30th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial once more with a mass public yoga practice followed by a short Kirtan and candle lighting ceremony.

Calling the event, "Better Together", we aim to bring solidarity within the HIV advocacy community and also reinforce the beauty and transformative power of our yoga practice in helping groups and individuals affected by HIV and AIDS.

See you on May 26 (Sunday), 4pm, at the Charito Planas Gardens in Quezon Memorial Circle.

Registration Fee is Php 150. Proceeds will help support Yoga For Life's advocacy towards assisting more people affected by HIV/AIDS.