Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pinoy Gay Blog List Update

Hello, loves.

I've updated the Pinoy Gay Blog List.

Inactive blogs have been removed. And there are new additions to the list.

If you want you blog to be added, just leave a comment with your URL. It's that easy. =) 

Also, if you know gay bloggers, you can invite them to comment. Let's spread the word! =)

Here are the latest additions to the list:

Kiss My Mike
A blog with a Gaysian flavor.
by: Mike

The Karug Gallery
The Philippines' first and only Gay Blog that exclusively features Hot Men with Sexy Happy Trail!
by: Olga Luxuria

Fabulous JV
A Fabulous Queen Who Wants To Wear McQueen
by: FabulousJV

Kuwentong Malilibog
m2m site and everything in between

Desert Boy
Ang Estranghero sa Gitnang Silangan
by: Cute Desert Boy

Piktiyur Op Da Dey
Ang mga litratong nakakalat
by: Cute Desert Boy

Blogging Positively
This is an advocacy blog which contains my personal journey in living with HIV, and news and updates regarding the disease. It also includes lists of hospitals and clinics where HIV testing is given free.
by: pinoypositive

1 comment:

  1. Thanks a lot Nishi Boy for adding me to the list! Love Love Love!

    Miss Olga Luxuria