Sunday, April 10, 2011

PLU Blog List Page

And the PLU Blog List page is (finally) up. It currently has thirty-nine blogs. Not bad, considering I only expected to get, like, ten blogs. Plus five more that I was planning to force into joining.

As per Kane’s suggestion, I added a short introduction to every blog, which are actually just their blog descriptions. For those without a blog description, I used their profile description. If you want me to change your blog’s description, or anything about your item there, just tell me.

Thanks a lot to everyone who consented to having their blog listed. I’m going to ask for one more favour. Please link back to the page. That way, the list can reach more people.

Once again, thanks a lot. I’ll be writing sensible entries again soon. Hopefully.

If you want to have your blog added to the list, please leave a comment in that page.


  1. Am I part of that 5?! Bad, Nishi! Bad! hahahaha

  2. sama din ako jan ha!ehehehe pasaway lang pahuli huli!

  3. Nishi nice.. lalagyan ko toh ng link sa blog ko!! :)

  4. Done.. check my sidebar... I think I did great hahahah hope you appreciate it Nishi!!

  5. bakit may nahalong effem?

    hindi kaya ako PLU... charot!

    stalk ko nga isa-isa mga yan...


  6. eh bakit kaya ako kasama? tsk tsk tsk.


  7. @spiral: yes, you were. at dito na papasok yung pamimilit. i-link mo yung page na yun.

    @mac: ayan na-add na kita. late! lol.

    @kamila: wow! THANKS! ililink din kita dun, gagawin kong ehemplo. haha.

    @yj: ang discreet mo kaya. nung una kitang nakita akala ko fratman ka eh.

    @darc: oi, nag text ako ha. lol.

  8. hello the nishiboy! :) hindi ko alam kung isasama ko ba blog ko dito or hindi. hahaha i'll think about it. inform na lang kita pag nagdecide na ako. miss you! :D hehehe

  9. oooohhhh! thankies! will update the site once i got home... hehehe...

  10. @chefjayps: haha sige sige. comment ka lang dun pag gusto mo magpasama. miss you too. =P

    @lalaking palaban: oi, i-link moko. lol. tsaka pengeng description.

  11. Once again, thanks a lot. I’ll be writing sensible entries again soon. Hopefully.

    >>> Your muses aren't doing their job well? I have the same problem.

  12. Uhhhh...bakit ako andun sa list? Anyway, hayaan mo na :) Thanks for including me.

  13. Thanks for the listing - hopefully this takes off and generates a bit more community support, hehe.

    This has me wondering if we should try to revive the old Pinoy Gay Blogs community.

  14. @ryan: thanks for the ad. =)

    @rocky: oooh, i wasn't aware of that. siguro nga maganda kung i-revive yun.