Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Entry About Blogging

The biggest disadvantage of going public in your blog is you can’t post anything too personal anymore. You have removed the covers and telling details about yourself is shining a spotlight on your nakedness. You will  no longer feel comfortable posting about how you still look at your ex’s pictures and get all emo before you go to bed. Or that you met a guy in Malate last Saturday and now you’re texting him but your texts are too lame. Or that you slept with a former date’s friend last Sunday and your right nipple itches and hurts until now.

None of that will be appropriate anymore.

That’s why I’m going to post about something a lot tamer. I’ve been thinking of what to write about, and I remembered this topic that has been tackled by quite a number of bloggers these past weeks. A topic that shows just how vain we bloggers can get.

I am going to blog about…wait for it…blogging.

There are two questions that need to be answered: why do you write in a blog and why do you read blogs.

Incidentally, I found something I wrote three years ago that answers the first question. I wrote it when I made my first blog. For the curious, I made a blog almost three years ago with the title… Hm… I’m not sure but I think it was “Mosquitero”. Anyway, I deleted the blog, since it contained too much relationship angst, but my profile, as I recently discovered, is still alive:

Okay, so where was I? Right, the entry. Here it is:



Until now, I still haven’t come up with a good blog entry (or a good blog, at that). I’ve been having a hard time deciding what I want my blog to be: a form of self-expression, a means of soliciting comfort, or a step towards fame (lol). So far, my entries have been a mixture of those.

At first, I wanted to be a blog sensation. I know someone who used to read the blog of an anonymous author. Every time he surfed, he made it a point to download the author’s latest entry; when he got home, he’d get all giddy from reading the latest scoops on the author’s life. I thought, wow, it must be amazing to have people you don’t even know hooked on your every move.

So I made a blog with the intention of having my own fan base. Soon, however, I realized that a blog like that would require a lot of patience and effort on maintenance and updates. I would also have to possess an incredible amount of charisma, enough for it to leak through text. Unfortunately, I had neither. The second was especially hopeless. How could I hope to interest strangers when even those who know me don’t care? (awww, so sad)

So I decided to just express my thoughts without caring about what the readers (if any) would think (though I still hoped some of them would like my thoughts). From then on, every time I made an entry, I just typed my heart out until I had spilled every last shred of anger, regret, or sometimes, joy. My posts turned out to be fairly interesting, but too long for anyone to bother to read (to bother to read, hmm).

That is why it has been two weeks since my last post. I have not yet come up with a good entry; mostly because I still have no firm idea of a good entry should be like. I am also not sure whether or not anyone still visits my blog.

The good news is, I am starting to form my idea of what a good post should be. I still think that blogs are meant primarily for self-expression, but now I also think that those expressions should be reader-conscious. As a blogger, I don’t just want to pour my heart out; I want people to read my entries and care. Otherwise, I should just put my thoughts in a diary.

Consider this as just another one of my thoughts…


As for the other question, I’m going to write about it some other time because it’s getting late. And I need to leave because people are already starting to stare at me scratching my nipple.


  1. What a personal entry we have here.

    I always believe that one can blog or share whatever he likes, it's like his own rules govern in his page. Although the blogger has the freedom to everything in his kingdom, he must also consider his readers/audience.

    Madalang ako mag-share ng super personal stuff sa blog. Okey na yung mga kwentong kalokohan at ka-kikay-an. Haha


  2. Lesson: The moment you consciously begin to worry what others will think about your blog, is the time you lose your self expression. :)

  3. i thought you didn't text him? haha!

    i like how you write. fluid. almost like water.

  4. Amen to Mugen. Kaya post lang kung ano ang gusto, you cant please everyone. Ang emo mo dude :P

  5. @ronnie: yun na nga lang din ang pwede ko i-post dito ngayon. lol.

    @mugen: yeah, i realized that one too. here i was, trying to change the way i write so that i can "improve". yet my best entries are the ones i wrote for myself.

    i'm finding it difficult to change how i write becuase how i write reflects how i think. and i can't change the way i think.

    @nox: text? him? i'm sure i don't know what you're talking about. lol. at char sa fluid. like tanduay ice?

    @kraehe: at saang part jan ang emo?

  6. Hey, Nishiboy! O genki desu ka? =) I totally understand about the losing anonymity equating to losing a little bit of freedom as to content. But ultimately it's YOUR blog and you can write whatever you want. The reader can click away if he doesn't like what he reads. Totally his prerogative.

    Me, I blog to get things out of my system - as catharsis, I suppose. And I realized I can't keep bothering my friends with every single thought that occurs to me. So I blog. And it's partially anonymous, only a handful of my closer friends know about it. =)

  7. i like what sir Muggen said, that once you consciously worry on what you're writing, you lose your self expression. . . i think, we basically write for ourselves, for whatever purpose it may serve us..

    basta, for this entry, i love it!

  8. As a beginner and a frustrated blogger, this entry helps me a lot. Looking forward to your next post :)

  9. Tama ka nagsisisi nga ako na hindi ako nagpaka-anonymous kasi hindi ako makapag-bash ng mga kaaway ko huhuhu hehe. I don't have the balls for it. I rather talk about them behind their backs. Coz I have manners hahaha.

  10. wag ka reklamador. masarap na ang tanduay ice sa presyo nya.

    malate uli! char!

  11. "i still have no firm idea of a good entry should be like."

    anything that comes from the heart, no matter how simple, how short, is a very good entry.


  12. I started out as an anonymous blogger. Pero hindi ko din kinaya. There are things and events that I want to preserve and I want to put my face on my blog. I think personal blogs are more meaningful that way.

  13. @sitting pretty: it's nice seeing your here. thanks for the comment. =) btw i don't know what that japanese phrase means. and i'm too lazy to google it. haha. anyway, i think i have to figure out first what i want my blog to be. i don't think i have a clear idea of that anymore.

    @dh: if by "next post" you mean my answer to the other question, i don't know if i'll get to write that soon. i still can't pull my thoughts together.

    @glentot: really? i actually think you're pretty daring for a non-anonymous blogger. i was going to say "i wonder how glentot does it?"

    @nox: sige ba, basta isama mo ulit siya. lol.

    @geek: i'm working on that. my heart is a reserved these days, though.

  14. oops, i missed ceiboh.

    i'm going to try and write for myself again. =)

  15. Your character reflects in your choice of words. Your thinking reflects in the entries you publish. It's that simple, really, and that's what I mostly subscribe to. I've been blogging since 2004, and my hole in the wall blog has had several waves of loyal readerships. I don't know why they keep coming back, though. I suppose it's my sex appeal.

    Cheers Nishiboy! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  16. Exactly. When I started blogging, I could easily write everything that I want, but now that I'm fully ~exposed~, I now have to think about who reads my blog before actually writing something :s My relatives, family friends, and some teachers actually know about my blog now. It. Sucks. Major. Balls. Unlike you, though, I still do not have my own idea of a good post. Anything hilarious? Meh.

    Hahaha your posts remind me of mine! <- Not gonna explain this part :p

    PS: why can't I use name/url when commenting? Can I demand that you include option in your comment form? :3 Hahaha ignore the wordpress link, I blog here >

  17. hey, thanks for pointing that out. i didn't notice that i disabled anonymous comments. haha. anyway, i've already enabled it, so i hope i'll get to see you here again. =D

    anyway, if you read the other comments, they generally agree that a good post is one that does not care about the readers. i think they're right. blog readers do seem to prefer that.

    haha. there i go again caring about what the readers think. i think it's the choirboy in me. feedback is vital.

  18. Next time, kelangang sabunin ng maigi ang nipples para di kakati at di ka laging nagsa-scratch! hahaha!

  19. or canesten. haha. urur hindi ganon.

    musta pala ribs mo? =P