Friday, February 11, 2011

The Mapagmahal Blog Award

And the results are in.

I got the following badges from Kamila’s Mapagmahal Blog Award:

See the complete results HERE. Well, almost complete, actually. She still hasn't announced the "Ultimate Winner".

I read through all the entries the night before she announced the winners and there were two entries that I liked:

Sa Aking Pag-lingon by Jhengpot

I liked this one because it does not attempt to be anything. No big words, no pretentious emo settings, no lame attempts to make you cry. It just tells a story.

Glass by Spiral Prince

This one was just effortless, on a completely different league. Like I told Spiral, this would have been my choice for the ultimate winner had I been the judge.

As for my entry, I sent in On My Way, a post from my previous blog. I was actually going to send in Acceptance after I asked some of my friends to help me choose, but I later thought it was too personal to be used in a contest.

Anyway, here is my entry:

On My Way 

I was standing at the same spot where I waited for my ex to come out for our date more than three years ago. It was at the side of the road, beside two small palm trees. On the other side was the gate to his apartment. The place has changed a bit since then. The payphone that used to be on the wall behind me was now gone. The gate that used to be barely above waist level was now seven feet high. But other than that, everything has pretty much stayed the same.

It was evening then too. It was going to be our first date. We were going to meet properly for the first time. I can still remember my nerves while I stood there. I shifted from leg to leg, taking long drags from my cigarette. I was worried as hell that he won’t like what he would see. I stalled. I smoked one stick first when I got there, then waited a few more minutes before I finally took out my phone and texted him that I was already outside.

 I found myself smiling as I recalled the scene. I also had a cigarette in one hand and my phone in the other. And like that night, I was also stalling, taking my time at looking around the place and reminiscing. I recalled how I was in awe when he finally came out and walked to me. He was beautiful. I remembered how we walked together to our date, unaware that we will fall in love and share some of our happiest days together.

But that was more than three years ago. And my cigarette was almost out. I took one last puff before flicking it. I typed at my phone as I started walking.

“Hey Luis, I’m on my way.”

That was originally posted HERE.

If you’re interested in reading Acceptance, the one I almost sent, you can read it HERE.

Congratulations to all of the winners!


  1. wow! congrats!

    favorite post ko ung On My Way! ang galing ng pagkakasulat mo dun. ;)

  2. Wow, parang Gawad Kalinga. congrats!

  3. Congrats Jason! But of course, On My Way deserves to win! :D

  4. @Nimmy: naks. thanks. at ang bilis mong nagcomment. lol.

    @chuni: but a house is not a home. lol. konek lang. thanks.

    @kyle: thanks kyle. bat di nakalagay sa profile mo blog mo? ang alam ko meron kang blog eh.

    @louie: you still owe me! haha. thanks.

  5. tuhma..agree ko dun sa mga cnv u...

  6. Weeeehh thank you naapreciate mo.. lam mo naman mga high level beings na katulad mo eh nahihiya ako.. kase badge lamang ang nabigay ko...

    weeeeh. sensya na din at ubod na ng late di ko pa napopost..weeeehhh :)

    thank you over happiness ako na-apreciate mo.

  7. you're too nice, Nishiboy. You even advertised here. :p I recall reading On My Way in the past when I was back-reading. I liked it! Congrats, Nishiboy! :D A toast to our...victories?!

    Have a Happy Valentines Day!

  8. at special mention pala ako dito... bongga! haha... salamat! ngayon ko lang nabasa yung entry mo, hindi ko naintindihan, english kasi! hahaha... joke! first date at first meeting, napakamemorable talga niyan :) naaalala ko tuloy ang first date ko :)

  9. @lhuloy: umm, thanks. =)

    @kamila: high level ka jan. lol. thanks sa badge. =)

    @spiral: ah, but i'm not done yet. i'm going to advertise my favorite blogs one of these days, and yours will be in it. =P

    @jhengpot: haha. pero maganda nga yung gawa mo. =)

  10. naks! updated na ang layout. congrats at dalawa talaga sayo. teka, announced na ba ang nanalo?

  11. Haha. Si spiral nga, apat. At di pa ata tapos ni kamila yung video presentation. Haha.

    Oi, mas ok ba tong bagong layout?