Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To The One Who Holds His Heart

When you two eat, make sure to get two glasses of water and two pairs of spoons and forks. You’ll get up again if you don’t.

Offer to carry his bag for him. He probably won’t refuse but if he does, insist on taking it.

He likes chocolates a lot. And ice cream. He’ll be very happy if you buy some for him.

He likes looking at himself so give him a mirror. It will probably be broken after two weeks. Give him a new one.

If you have to leave him while he’s sleeping, be sure to be back before he wakes up. He’ll get upset if he doesn’t see you beside him when he does.

If he wakes up and throws something at you, it’s probably because he dreamt that you had a fight. Apologize.

Grow your hair long if you can. He’ll sleep better if he can twirl your hair around his fingers.

Don’t be mad if he forgets your number or your birthday. If you don’t want that to happen, tell him your number and birthday every day.

He’s not one of those pseudo-macho guys. Give him flowers.  Write him a letter. Take his hand and slow-dance with him. He’ll appreciate it.

If he pulls away from a kiss, let him. It means he needs to breathe.

He peeks when kissing. Pretend that you don’t notice.

If he says he’s coming over, prepare a towel. He’ll be sweating profusely when he arrives.

If you play an MMORPG, he’ll probably make a wizard. Make a healer. He’ll need one.

Keep your explanations short. If you talk for more than ten seconds, you’ll lose him.

Call him whenever you can. He likes getting surprise calls.

When you’re stressed at work, call him. You’ll feel better.

Keep him updated when you go out with your friends. He’s paranoid. If you don’t text for more than an hour, he’ll think you’ve died or something.

Go home drunk once in a while. He finds the smell of cigarette and alcohol sexy.

Try to stay up when he’s working. It helps if he has someone to bounce off ideas with.

He tends to work too much. Sometimes you’ll have to force him to stop working and get some sleep.

Never tell him that you think his job is easy. You’ll regret it if you do.

He’s scared of the dentist. Accompany him if he needs to go there.

Be prepared to be covered in bite marks.

If he bites you and it already hurts, tell him. Otherwise he won’t stop.

If you miss him, try to avoid kids. Otherwise you’ll miss him even more.

Hold his hand in public. He’s been wanting to experience that for a long time.

Introduce him to your friends as your boyfriend. That will make him very happy.

A lot of other guys will go after him. He’s gorgeous so there’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t worry. He’s the most faithful guy you’ll ever meet.

Treat him like a man but love him like a child.

You are lucky to have his heart. Never ever forget that.

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